5 Most important key points for investment

Personal blog, our investingchef readers are mostly investors, and everyone looking for a winning recipe to gain success in investing. Today we would like to make a personal blog and provide a recipe for very important investment: Relationship.

You want to be rich? Invest! Invest in your partner.

The recipe for an amazing life is to enjoy what you have and do not look around. What kills us is the grass of the neighbor that it is always greener so we need to run and compare and invest money and energy to at least keep up - We have a spoiler for you – they are (your neighbor) is doing the same thing

Key investment points:
Love each other
Believe in your self
Smoke drugs / drink alcohol / bungee jump so you will keep yourself alive
Learn new things every day
Be polite and when needed kick ass

Share this point of view with your friends and loved ones and you will have much more success in life.