Can forex traders really make millions?

Can forex traders really make millions?

Luxurious lives of traders that we often see on TV and in films couldn’t be pictured more perfect that it is right now.

Most of the time they drive expensive cars, have vacations abroad and they prefer to live in big even huge houses and have an additional apartment. But that is not reality. That is simply a TV depiction. Everything that is going on outside the TV screens varies from the picture on the screen.

And here is a good time to stop and ask ourselves –if everything we are shown is a lie, how much do traders really earn. Or, more importantly, can traders really earn millions of dollars? After all, if brokers can, why can’t we?


But there is a fine line between a broker and a trader. Did you know that broker is one of the most stressful jobs in the word? They usually retire before they reach 35 and never come back. Simply because it is impossible to always live in such a strain and under such immense pressure. And for that stress brokers really do make a lot of money.

And what about traders? Frankly that is a whole other deal.

And what about traders? Frankly that is a whole other deal.

Although I find it totally understandable that a million dollars seems like a reachable goal for so many traders I still do not understand why they think that are not going to have to do anything for that? We spent hours talking and discussing how much energy and time we are putting into forex trading when some of the newcomers still think that they are going to make their first million in their first week.

Of course. I cannot put the blame entirely on the fiction. There is an entirely different perspective here. Did you think that forex brokers are intentionally putting stories of success out there in order to lure new traders to the scene? Well, that was the thought on my mind as all of the traders that I communicate with have to work really hard in order to make good money.

So, the question still stands – can traders make millions? Well, yes. That is true. But that is not going to be the case in the first couple of years of your forex way. For some time, you are going to have to be satisfied with $100-$300 winnings. Such are the rules of the game.

Million dollars is a reachable goal, but for hose who are prepared to play big. Big trades – bid wins. But here I have to specifically warn you – if you are not ready for the possibility of losing, you better leave that goal of a semi-fast million behind.

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