How can I make money fast by trading forex?

How can I make money fast by trading forex?

As I am sure, all of you know that forex is not just another get-rich-quick scheme.

It actually requires a lot of time and effort in order to be really successful in trading world. That applies to forex the most as it is one of the most complicated segments of the market out there. So, before getting to understand EVERYTHING about the market, which could take years, even decades, you have to understand that making money fast by trading forex is possible only under one condition.

Interestingly, a condition for getting rich quickly by trading forex is not to lose. Yep. That’s right. In the beginning and even several years in trading it may be hard to keep up with the market. That is why not losing is a real legitimate way to have a lot of money fast.

So, how do you not lose? Well, first of all you have to really know your field. There are thousands of people and articles that will tell you the same thing – there is no successful, loss-free trading if you do not get to know your field of work. Of course, most of the experience comes from practice, but there is plenty of theory to read on and to get your knowledge from.


Second in the list, but the first one in importance is to find a good broker. The one that will always be there for every question and every problem that you might have. Looking for a good broker can be tough, but the end result is always worth the time, invested into the process. A lot of brokers will skip several stages of the process that make trading process safe for you as a trader in order for you to lose and invest more, but with our experience we can tell, that a good broker is not that hard to find. But that is a question for a different discussion.

Do not hesitate to use your demo account to the fullest. Remember when you first tried to learn how to swim? You probably had some inflatable protection on. And I bet you didn’t go straight to swimming with the sharks. That’s just like that – do not hesitate to use your demo account in order to learn to navigate before going into the ocean of trades. That will minimize your losses.

For you it is the rules of the three ‘be’s – be smart, be careful, be in the know.

Try to use as much protection for your trading account, so that the thieves and schemers will have hard time getting to your assets.

There are also dozens of rules that will tell you how to lose minimal amount of money that can easily be overlooked. But the truth it that the easiest way in order to stay afloat in trading world is to be careful with the trades and not to out down trades that add up to thousands of dollar, because in the case of a loss it will hurt.

For you it is the rules of the three ‘be’s – be smart, be careful, be in the know.

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